To Kill a TBR… What’s On Your List?

If you are a book-lover like me, then you can relate – there are so many books and so little time. Listening to audiobooks on 1.5x speed can only help so much. Any faster and I literally start to panic. When I see a book that I want to read, I know it will be a while before I can get to it, so I like to pop the book on my TBR list. You should already know that means “To Be Read.” And you should already have a method for tracking it. If you don’t do this yet, just Read More

Teach Us to Care and Not to Care

Sorry, T.S. Eliot fans… this is not a blog post about his poem Ash Wednesday, but for Lit class nostalgia’s sake, I will link to a copy of the poem here. This line from Eliot’s poem came to mind while I was having a discussion with my BFF, a fellow English major and participant in one of my book clubs, about books that don’t make you care about any of the characters. I was recently reading one book and listening to audio of another when I realized that I didn’t have the least bit of emotional connection to any of Read More

Currently Reading – Are you a Multilegerophile?

To the best of my knowledge, and my Google search results, I just made that word up. Multilegerophile: Someone who loves to read multiple books at once. People who paid more attention in Latin class might have a better term for it, but I’m going with this one. On the sidebar of my blog there is a display of my “Currently Reading” shelf on Goodreads. As I write this, there are eight books on that shelf. How many books are too many to read at once? And how long does a book sit idly on the shelf before one is Read More

Adventure 2019!

Do you pick a word or theme for the year? I started this practice several years ago. It is part of an effort to be more intentional and create the life I want to have rather than just letting life happen to me. It started as a casual effort but became a more serious endeavor once I started using the Dragontree Apothecary Rituals for Living Dreambook and Planner (affiliate link.) I love the thought-provoking exercises in the Dreambook section and the practical application of breaking my goals into tasks and scheduling them in my planner. I always feel as though Read More

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