Early Spring!

Thank you, Groundhog! As a person diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder and Raynaud’s Phenomenon, I have a vested interest in whether or not my dear friend Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow each year. This year he came through for me and called for an early spring. I immediately went outside and had a picnic. Groundhog Day is the official midway point between the first day of winter (solstice) and the first day of spring (equinox.) Regardless of whether you believe in Phil’s prediction, this means spring is on the way. I find myself simultaneously energized by the longer days and Read More

Working with Lunar Cycles

Balance I had been working with the lunar cycles for several months when I saw the theme for October’s New Moon: Balance and Harmony with Polarity. This theme was about balancing masculine and feminine. My current state felt as if the masculine was so prevalent that I wanted to do the opposite of balancing – I wanted to squash it. I witnessed my resistance to this theme and took this to mean that I had some work to do in this area. I didn’t commit to earth-shattering change during this cycle. I made the minimal commitment to “Look and Listen” Read More

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