Audiobooks I Solemnly Swear to Listen to Once Each Year

My first blog post was about some of the books that have changed my life. I have also made it known that I rely on audiobooks to help me reach my reading goals. (BTW, as soon as I finish my current audiobook, I will have met my goal for the year.) I know there are endless podcasts and playlists and other things that I could be listening to… but I often find myself returning to some of my favorite audiobooks time and time again. Naturally, I love fiction audiobooks. Some of my family’s road trip picks have been Mary Shelley’s Read More

The Subtle Art of Deciding Which F*cks to Give

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck is my favorite new non-fiction book. I listened to the audiobook twice from the library then bought the hardcover book. This is one self-help book that I find very helpful. And it says the F word a lot, and I’m an overgrown 8th grader, so, yes, I am thrilled. Cussing was SO not allowed in my house growing up. Until a certain age, I thought “fart” was the F-word. Mark Manson’s book is full of actual good advice that feels very relevant to me as I enter a transitionary time. I’m about Read More

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